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While I was tired

Honestly, I was tired for the past two months because business result hasn’t been blossoming. Enrollment for Public Presentation Mastery got stagnant in the new year. Losing a five-figure corporate deal didn’t make me feel any better.

So I asked, how much longer can I hang on to this alone?

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Public Speaking Workshop

public speaking workshop

Full house in the 1st workshop

This marks a new milestone in my business and career. On 1st Oct, we conducted our first-ever Public Speaking Workshop for the public. We received an overwhelming response that we had a full house for the first and second workshop. Not only that, registration for the third and fourth workshop which will be held on the following week is already closed 2 weeks ago.

We are also blessed with opening 2 corporate accounts from this launch of workshop.

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A New Workshop – Procrastination Buster Workshop

A very exciting week ahead. After the long weekend, there are much to be done this week. The final stage of an innovation training project for a school client. Hosting a friend from Malaysia. A new marketing campaign. And a new workshop this coming Saturday.

Extremely excited and nervous about the new workshop. There will be new content and a new way of conducting the workshop. Excited because this is the first of its kind, there are no other procrastination courses out there yet. Excited because I’m going to meet new participants.

Why a workshop about procrastination?

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Life Lesson That I Learned From Three Multi-Millionaires

Over the years of entrepreneurship, speaking engagements and coaching opportunities, I had the opportunities to meet very successful people. Most of them are very humble and down to earth people. Many of them don’t look like they are multi-millionaires.

Many of them drive a simple car, though they can easily afford a few Ferraris. Some of them don’t drive, they prefer to take public transport. They are what we call the closet millionaires. You will never know they are rich until you get to know them well.

The uniqueness about this e-Report is that besides their stories, challenges and opportunities, I as a Life Coach dissect briefly their personality and character. I take some time to look at their life chronologically, and made my perspective on how they arrive at where they are.