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The Day I Had Closure With Two Enemies

Do you have “friends” whom you refuse to speak to them? From your perspective, these “friends” did some terrible things to you. You were no longer friends with them since then.

I had friends who did some terrible things to hurt me in the past. I couldn’t forgive them even though it was the right thing to do, I just couldn’t do it. My hair behind my neck would stand upon hearing their names. The anger would start boiling in me when someone mentioned their names. Continue reading

I Felt Like A Loser With This Deal

I was excited. Who wouldn’t be when a international bank called to give you money? A well-known bank requested me to do a training for 80 participants. What an opportunity to generate income and to add strength into my portfolio.

I did what most sales person will do, find out what they wanted and the constrains in budget that they faced. Understanding their requirements, at least I thought I understood, I got my proposal ready on the day of our first meeting.

Little did I know this meeting would turn out to be a nightmare.

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While I was tired

Honestly, I was tired for the past two months because business result hasn’t been blossoming. Enrollment for Public Presentation Mastery got stagnant in the new year. Losing a five-figure corporate deal didn’t make me feel any better.

So I asked, how much longer can I hang on to this alone?

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