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Life of Pi

Disappointment in Life of Pi

Life of Pi

A blockbuster, Life of Pi stirred up great discussion with my friends. Our discussion was opinionated but it revealed human’s behaviour. Our discussion revealed the origins of arguments and disappointments in life.

We talked about a wide array of topics regarding the movie. Our discussion range from the visual, to the lessons learned in the movie. Generally we found that most of our views are the same until he mentioned that he was disappointed with the theme.

Almost immediately I wanted to jump into the movie’s defence, but I held back. Several questions popped up two seconds later.

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Exercise Daily Is Not Enough

exercise daily

Exercise daily

Exercising daily in the morning gets my energy up, and I believe it can slow down aging. Standing on stage to deliver value through talks and training requires lots of energy. Therefore, I exercise daily to maintain the energy.

So I visit the gym 3 times, swim once, jog once a week. I thought I was fit,but I was so wrong.

Had a basketball game 2 days ago. Oh gosh, I was exhausted after 10 minutes, panting as if I did a 5km sprint. Strangely in this game, I gained some distinctions about success and life.

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Disappointments, Upsets, Hurts, Devastated

Mix feelings of sad, anger, disappointed, , upsets, hurt, devastated and pain was what I felt for the past 2 weeks. Painful but business has to go on. In the last 2 weeks, I had the thought of giving up everything, hand the business to someone else, forget about the world and go to a mountain for seclusion.

Forget about the partnership crap, brotherhood drama or business empire story. I wanted to avoid the world and become a production line worker and not think of all these craps.

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At Peace And Have Fun

What a ride of my life! The past 11 months was the most interesting times of my life. I went from down to more down, up but not quite up, and finally pulled myself up above the sea level.  But I couldn’t have done it without the help of many friends.

The last 11 months has been quite an experience for me. In retrospect now, I’ve learned and grown from those “nasty” experiences. I’ve become stronger, more confident, more powerful, more compassionate, more patience, more authentic and open.

I learned to laugh at myself, make fun of myself in front of people. The biggest take away over the last 11 months is to have more compassion towards myself and accepting my mistakes and failures as a part of my life. Life becomes beautiful when I view mistakes and failures in a different way.

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Breakthrough : Initial

Breakthrough After 9 Years

4:30am, oh gosh! Why do I wake up at this hour? I don’t know but I just couldn’t get back to sleep. This is not the hour that I wake up normally. I’m someone who loves to sleep, so this is unusual.

Do I read? Do I do some work? Or maybe I pen down some thoughts here. But what do I want to write? What can I write at this hour so that you can gain some values? I am stuck actually.

So I reflect!

9 years! It has been 9 years since I started Actionpreneur Pte Ltd. Next year, I can celebrate the 10th anniversary.

What did I learn in business and life in the last 9 years? What is different 9 years ago and now?

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Balance My Analyzing Mind and Intuition

2 weeks ago, I made a bold decision to turn down a training contract. Bold because I get to pay the bills with the training fee, and I’m in need of cash. It was actually very daunting for me to turn down this contract as this contract can resolve some  financial tightness this month. Yet I turned this opportunity away.


Something in me hinted, “don’t take this job.”

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Why Are You So Slow

I am not going to bluff you. I am full of imperfections. As a Coach and Trainer, I’m supposed to show you the good and strong side of me. Well, because most Trainers I know of show the angel side of them. They are like the perfect person without flaws. I wanted to be that perfect person as well. I was showing all the good side of me to others until…

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