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The Success Factor

I allowed an opportunity to slip through my finger tips. Through this incident, I learned an important lesson about success.

Lesson No.1: Taking Responsibility
Instead of blaming others; learn from my mistakes and get the lesson. And this is one important lesson about success that I got. Watch the video!

Truth About Effective Time Management

effective time management

“There is not enough time.” Have you heard this before? Have you said it before? What are the tips to effective time management? In my view, you can never manage time effectively. So what can you do about time?

When we look from a macro point of view, there is abundance of time. Since we have abundance of it, how come we are always face with not enough time?

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How Did Spain National Football Team Make History in Euro 2012

Spain National Football Team made history in Euro 2012. They are the first team in history to have won three consecutive major football competition. Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012. No other country has done this before. Well done, Spain.

I started supporting the Spaniards since Euro 2008 before they were crowned the European Champion. I simply love their way of football. They must be doing something right to achieve this phenomenal result.

What did they do that the rest of the country did not do?

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achieving success

Face The Brutal Truth To Achieve Success

achieving success

Achieving Success

I discover something interesting regarding achieving success. Are you avoiding the truth to achieve success?

What do you say to yourself when you are not achieving success? What do you say to others when you are not achieving success?

Are you those who say everything is working out great? Are you those who say you have some new plans in place? Are you those who say feeling great even though you don’t?

Avoiding the brutal facts causes a disillusion that everything is fine and working well but in actual fact it is not. Denying the brutal truth gets you to be complacent, unwilling to innovate, evolve or get support. Usually this is the downfall of anyone, any business or any country.

Recognizing the brutal truth in your life gets you to improve, innovate and grow. Understanding your truth gets you to work on your strength and look for alternative ways to complement your weakness.

Do a review of yourself now. What is your brutal truth?

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