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Making Difficult Decision

We face difficult decision every now and then in our life. Making difficult decision can be tedious at times. Sometimes, its just not worth it to waste time and energy hovering a decision. Make the quick decision so that you can move on with life. Staying at a place over analyse something can drain your energy.

So why not make it a quick one. But of course there are concern over making decision. What if the decision is wrong? Watch the video below to learn how I make quick decision.

I Want to Live a Life of No Regret

As a Life Coach, I have an obsession about living life to the fullest. I believe in walking the talk about living life. I have to preach what I say. And how do I show others how to live life to the fullest, how do live a life of no regret? By demonstrating, I guess.

I always pursue what I love, always put myself on the edge, experiencing new adventures in life. My life is full of colours without a single black & white page.

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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 4

In our previous issues of this series, we discussed on the kind of dreams they possess, willingness to accept failure and the spirit of resilient. In this Part 4 of the series, you are going to learn the different side of the highly successful individuals. You are going to learn that they are also human.

Yes, highly successful individuals are also human. They will do what other human will do. They will whine and complain. Different from what many others say about the highly successful people, right? Most articles will mention that these highly successful people do not complain, do not lay blame and do not justify.

The truth is they do. Continue reading

not good enough1

Stop Believing that You Are Not Good Enough

not good enough

90% of my clients believe that they are not good enough. The thing is our belief runs our life. Believing that they are not being good enough doesn’t create the inspiring life that they like to have. Do you have a similar belief? How would you possess the power to be in control when you believe that you are just not good enough?

This unsupportive belief causes many to live life below what they are capable of. Did you also live life below what you are capable of? Did you miss out some good opportunities because you are holding on to this belief?

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How Was Your 2011

“This is post which you may want to share with your friend. When you come to the end of it, you will know why.”

We are coming to the end of Year 2011. My 2011 was eventful in both good and not good ways. I went from the peak to the deep valley in business and confidence.

And last night Stefanie and I went to watch New Year’s Eve. It was a movie that didn’t get good reviews, but I thought it was pretty nice. There are meaningful scenes and quotes, lessons to take away.

The main theme is about Forgiveness and Second Chance.

One of the character, Clare shares a quote in the movie that made me teared.

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