A Vacation in Krabi That Is Long Overdue

On the Way to Emerald Pool
A long four years since I last had a holiday! A relaxing five days trip to Krabi, Southern part of Thailand, where Tsunami hit this place in 2004. In this trip, my beautiful and cheerful wife has one rule – I can’t go online for more than 30 minutes a day. I understand why she wants to set this rule, and gladly agree.

Although I always encourage my coaching clients to go for a short getaway, I don’t really have one myself. So this break really comes timely. Visiting a new beach fulfills one of my dreams. It kills three birds with one throw. Firstly, quality time with my wife, secondly taking a break myself to rejuvenate. Lastly, moving closer towards my dream of visiting all the beaches in the World.

Before I go, a friend asked have I plan my itinerary. I replied no. Because I don’t like to plan too much in trip. It’s suppose to be free and easy.

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Sacrifice Your Way To $60 Million

Sgcarmart is sold to SPH for $60M in Apr 2013. This is not an accident. It began from a dream. Followed by proper planning and then, excellent execution.

Accompanied by sacrifices, perseverance and hardwork.

Quoted from Mr Vincent Tan, one of the founders, “if one of us had given in to the temptation of a higher pay, then I’m sure the rest would have given up.” He drew a salary of $1,700 then, as opposed to $2,800, which is what an engineering job would have paid.

Many have a dream. And that’s just about all they’ll do, DREAM.

Some create a plan. And then hide that plan in a drawer, shelf or their previous home.

A few executed them. And realized it take too much to fulfill the dream of their life. They threw the white towel when they might be one meter away from their dream.

Only a handful are willing to sacrifice, persevere and work hard. That’s why they are rewarded.

I’ve seen too many given up on their dreams. And I don’t like that.

If you’ve not started, start now.
If you’ve given up, pick up the sword again.
If you’re stuck, look for help.

If you want something, go get it. If you don’t want to get it, maybe you don’t actually want it.

When I Wait For Things To Happen

Once upon a time, in a faraway land. Does it sound like a fairy tale? No, I’m not going to tell a fairy tale. But I’m going to tell a story that happened years ago.

After serving my National Service in Dec 1999, I was offered a job in a non-profit organization. Without second thought, I happily took it up. I felt great to get a job since I didn’t have to worry about the future anymore with a job.

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How Do You Build Self Esteem – Part 7/7

How’s your progress so far? In Part 6 of How Do You Build Self Esteem, you were invited to track your progress. Has it been working for you? If you really have a tough time following, you may like to get some support from me.

This is the last part of this series. We’ve gone through the internal work of building self esteem, then the external work of setting up goals, having plans and creating self-discipline. After putting in effort to build your self esteem, we are moving into a new and last area. Building your self esteem through taking care of your well being.

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How Do You Build Self Esteem – Part 6/7

In part 5 of this series, we discussed about you setting up some goals. Have you set up your goals? If you need any support in setting goals, read here.

The challenge after setting goals is to follow up on an action plan. The difficult part is to act on your goals. If it’s easy, many would have achieved their goals. Building self esteem involves determination, hard work and short-term discomfort. There is no magic wand or magic pill, just pure grit.

To build self esteem is like playing lego, putting the pieces together to form your creative work. Your self esteem is built upon fitting the smaller pieces together, eventually forming the confident you.
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