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Cheap Is Good?

Cheap is good

Is cheap really good?

Who doesn’t like cheap and good stuff? Getting something of high value for a low price is like striking lottery. Haven’t you heard of a penny save is a penny earn?

Is cheap really good? It depends.

Last week alone, I got some cheap deals and a not so cheap deal.

I was celebrating my wife’s birthday in our neighbouring country. This happened to be  the most value for money celebration we ever had. The best thing of course, my “boss” was very happy.

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A New Workshop – Procrastination Buster Workshop

A very exciting week ahead. After the long weekend, there are much to be done this week. The final stage of an innovation training project for a school client. Hosting a friend from Malaysia. A new marketing campaign. And a new workshop this coming Saturday.

Extremely excited and nervous about the new workshop. There will be new content and a new way of conducting the workshop. Excited because this is the first of its kind, there are no other procrastination courses out there yet. Excited because I’m going to meet new participants.

Why a workshop about procrastination?

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Hello, Did You Lose Your Confidence?

Why do I post something about losing your confidence? Because confidence is important to success, but many feel the opposite. Many feel that when you achieve success then you will have confidence. It is actually when you have confidence then you will have success.

So why would a money seminar sells much better than a confidence seminar?

Maybe because not many will admit they lack confidence, but many will say not enough money. You can do this test by asking friends, “do you have money to lend me?”

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Managing Team

Managing Team Workshop For Managers

Managing Team

Managing Team & People

Managing team and people are fundamentals to any organization. Unless you are a one-man team who just like to play a small game, otherwise learning about managing people to create a world class team is necessary.

I have the honour to conduct a workshop about managing people and team for China Taiping (Insurance) Singapore on 28 July 2012.

When it comes to people or team, we wouldn’t divert too much away from clear communication within the team.

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Laugh At Life

Laughing is the best medicine in life. Do you laugh at life? Have you seen people who don’t laugh? I have! In some trainings that I did, sometimes there were one or two people who would never laugh at my joke. Some people just take life too serious.

What is causing you to tense up? What get you to frown all the time? What have you to be serious on very little thing in life?

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miracles do happen

Miracles Do Happen But

miracles do happen

Miracles Do Happen

Everyone is looking for miracles. And trust me, miracles do happen. But are you ready for it? Are you ready for miracles to happen to you? When you are ready, the Universe is going to summon waves and waves of tsunami to drown you. So are you ready to create miracle? Are you ready to thrive?

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How Did Spain National Football Team Make History in Euro 2012

Spain National Football Team made history in Euro 2012. They are the first team in history to have won three consecutive major football competition. Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012. No other country has done this before. Well done, Spain.

I started supporting the Spaniards since Euro 2008 before they were crowned the European Champion. I simply love their way of football. They must be doing something right to achieve this phenomenal result.

What did they do that the rest of the country did not do?

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