Resolve Conflicts Arises From Different Expectation

Conflict usually arises when we are working with the people who are close to us. We will have conflicts with our spouse, parents, siblings, colleagues, bosses, business partners etc. These are the people whom we met almost daily, thus the chances of having conflict with one another is extremely high.

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20 Seconds of Courage To Live Your Life

we bought a zooMovies trigger my thoughts. I always felt that some lines that were said in the movies have a deeper meaning. Only by slowing down to digest, I get to fully understand what these movies want to convey.

Matrix by Keanu Reeve, convey a message about our world in a very obscured manner. Most watched Matrix for its action and special effect, but I see it as a philosophy movie. I was fascinated by the underlying message that I had to immerse myself 5 times into the movie.

Last night, Continue reading

Get Out of The Misery Trap and Live Happily Ever After?

Through my observation of all my clients, friends and family, I found out you got to possess an important condition to live happily ever after. One very important person whom I observed is my mum. My mum is in a peaceful and happy state right now. I learned some great lessons about happiness by observing some of her interesting encounters.
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My 5 Ways to Maintain Daily Motivation

A client asked how do I maintain daily motivation. Don’t I feel tired about life? Don’t I feel sick about life? Don’t I feel that life is meaningless?

I understand the context of his questions because I observe people on the street. I talk to people from all woks of life. Some are really just surviving. When I say surviving, I don’t mean that they are struggling financially. Surviving in this context means that they do not have a purpose, they don’t find meaning in life, they don’t understand why they go to office daily. They are absolutely not motivated to approach their work and even their life.

How do I keep my energy up? How do I maintain my motivation?
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You Won’t Believe That It is So Simple to Achieve Peak Performance

peak performanceFor almost 10 years, I have been looking at the human ability to achieve peak performance. I went on to study people who achieve miracles, and those who did not. I experimented theories on myself, also consolidated my findings from my coaching clients; I came up with three conclusions that affect human performance.

With these three conclusions, you can achieve peak performance on your own too. You don’t have to be stuck in mediocre. You can achieve peak performance whenever you like it. You are in charge of your performance.

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How Did I Bounce Back From Failures Over and Over Again in the Last 3 Years

My life really got started in the year of 2003. Before that, I was just bumping around, living life as if life happened to me. But since 2003, I live life exactly the way I want it. That is the year that I discover what I would love to do for a living. That is the year that I found my purpose in life.

And on this journey of purpose, failures arise over and over again. But each time, I managed to get back up. Some friends asked what kept me motivated to bounce back from so many failures. And here are my response.


Before I get into the details, I discover five fuel points to kept me going. I called it fuel points because they are the points that supply me the energy and drive to move forward despite all odds.
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I Am Constantly Pushing The Life Boundaries

I’m a believer of living life as an adventure. I always feel that life is about doing the things that we don’t normally do, doing the things that we are afraid to do and doing the things that create a breakthrough for us. In a nutshell, I believe that we must always be pushing the life boundaries.

All my coaching clients will typically feel the adventurer in me as I always challenge them to break the status quo, to push their comfort zone and to push their life boundaries.

In my most recent stunt, I took up a 2-Day singing workshop. At the end of the class, all participants have to sing on stage to a group of audience whom we’ve never met.
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