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Watch Your Mind

Your mind is a powerful tool. So powerful that it can affect your being and behaviour. Not only that, it can control you if you are not careful.


One concept to understand is that you and your mind are two different entities. Do a simple test. Get dress up in sports attire now, and go for a run around your friendly neighbourhood. Jogging is good for your body. You will benefit from good 3 km jog. So go now!


I can bet that you are still in front of the screen reading this. I can bet that even after reading this, you are still hesitating to run around your neighbourhood.


Simple test, right?


So why do I ask you to dress in your sports attire? It’s a test. When you read the above two paragraphs, what did you mind tell you? When you read, “go for a run”, what was going on in your mind? What was the conversation you had with your mind? I want to drive a point – you and your mind are different.


When was the last time you wanted to run, exercise or do something that is beneficial, and your mind started to chatter? Your mind convinced you that you shouldn’t be doing these activities. Your mind convinces you all the time, it is a great persuader. It will continue to do so if you allow it.


Your mind and you are two different entities.


Your mind is such a powerful tool that it becomes a double-edged sword. It’s a tool of creation and destruction. Some people are strong and has the power to control their mind, but many allow their mind to control them.


When you start saying things like, “It cannot be done”, “I am busy”, “I don’t have the resources”, “It’s crazy” etc, it could be your mind is chattering and convincing you not to do something that’s good for you.


Your mind creates stories and makes you believe that these stories come from you. If you have been seeing more impossibles than possibilities, chances are your mind is controlling you. Your mind wants you to believe that you are impossible. It creates a context so that you can’t see the new possibilities.


Spoken to many aspiring entrepreneurs but many of them didn’t start a business due to the lack of funds. Actually there are a couple of ways to overcome this. Finding investors, taking a loan, starting with little money etc. Though there are couple of possibilities to overcome the lack of funds, many of these aspiring entrepreneurs will always comes up with a reason why these possibilities are not for them. Their minds trick them into believing that it can’t be done.


Get past the stories, get to the facts. The next time you shut your door to new possibilities, examine the facts. Is your mind playing tricks? The next time you are triggered by someone saying or doing something, get to the fact. Is that someone irritates you on purpose or it’s just your mind?


To stop your mind from tricking you, start by getting into action once you have a thought. When you have a thought like jogging around your neighbourhood, get change and jog. When you have a simple task you need to complete, get into it now. Any delay will allow your mind to convince you not to run or not to complete that task. Your mind will mostly win in this conversation.


Practice getting doing it immediately often. It trains your muscle of control. Very soon, you’ll be able to control the mind instead of the other way.