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BEST Testimonial Ever

Today is a public holiday in Singapore! A very fruitful day for me. Completed a sales training call in the morning, and two back to back coaching calls with my clients, followed by lunch with my dad, it’s his birthday!

Then I received the BEST testimonial from my client.

This is what she written:


Why have a coach?

Because most of us float about life just doing things, and not really living life. We’ve goals and dreams and desires, but we put them off and think, “Someday I’ll get there, someday when I graduate, someday when I start work, someday when I get married, someday when I’ve kids… then I’ll do this and that.” But the road to someday leads to a town called nowhere.

Procrastination is incredibly dangerous and will ruin your life if you let it. I don’t mean waiting until the night before the deadline – I mean putting off things that have no deadline. Telling someone you love them, saying sorry to people you’ve been unwilling to talk to, starting that business, doing that hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Nobody is going to yell at you for not making these things happen by a certain date. It’s up to you.

And that is where a coach like Joe comes in. Joe will hold you accountable to your dreams, shape them into goals and projects for you to work towards, and keep you sane on your journey.

So why coaching with Joe?

Because you’ll be able to live life more powerfully. What do I mean by that? Joe taught me to be more powerful – to be straight in my communication, and to take what I get. He taught me to be unreasonable – in terms of expectations of myself and of others, and go beyond what I thought was possible. He helped me find peace and mend relationships which I’d almost given up on.

As a coach, Joe is reliable, very patient and understanding, perceptive, and a great listener. He is the only person whom I can turn to at any time, and voice my deepest insecurities and fears and confusion, without worry about being judged.

As a coach, Joe is continually there to help me turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. After spending the last two days crying in the toilet at work, I was able to gain clarity on the limiting contexts I have had, identify false, disempowering beliefs that I was blind to, and stand for new possibilities. All in one hour with Joe. (Yes, Joe rocks!!!)

So why take up life coaching with Joe? 

Because ten years from now, you’ll surely arrive. The question is: Where? Who will you have become? What will you contribute? How will you live? Now is the time to design your life with Joe, not when your years are over.

And because this is life, and schools don’t teach you how to live life. They teach you photosynthesis and reproduction and x+y = z. If you want knowledge, go to school. If you want to gain wisdom and play life at a higher level, then take up coaching with Joe.

Cassandra Lim,

26 Oct 2011