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Ice cream

Why I Crash My Success Again

When was the last time you took care of yourself? Are you beating yourself up when things don’t go the way you like?


I beat myself up badly when I didn’t get my desired results. I had expectations of how things should turn out. These expectations suffocated me and my life. They restrained me from achieving success in my life. I didn’t know that while I was beating myself up, I was actually creating a self sabotaging cycle at the same time. How’s that so?


To make myself feel good when things didn’t turn out as expected, I invalidated ME. I felt bad initially, and after invalidating ME, I gained the drive to do it better next time. It made me felt good and motivated. Thus, it became a strategy to feel good, strong and motivated. I like others to perceive me as strong, persistent and highly motivated. I like other to see me as a fighter in the face of failure.


And well, that’s precisely what I got.


Beating myself becomes a strategy to feel strong and motivated. And I need reasons to beat myself. What will be a better way than sabotaging my success?


This became an automatic behaviour eventually. Whenever I’m about to achieve success, I crashed my own success. When I make a come back, other will see me as a fighter who is strong and driven.




This is an awakening! I have to re-invent my context on the journey to success or else I going crash my success again. I have to re-invent ME.


Today, I learn to take care of ME and my well being in any situation. Successes, failures, mistakes are a part of that journey. I expect them to show up, and when they do, I celebrate. When I made a mistake, I celebrate. When I don’t get the expected results, I dance and sing.


I am still working on the showing compassion to myself. There is progress to the work. But I know I am more forgiving than the past. I see mistakes and breakdowns in a different view now.


Last week I made some mistakes in business. On top of that, last week I didn’t manage to convert a prospect into a client. You know what! I bought ice cream for myself to celebrate! And I had the whole tub to myself because my wife was not around.


Come to think of that, my wife is not around – it’s celebration time again!


Athletic woman resting after race

Succeed Even When You Are Losing

When were the last time you did something out of your comfort zone? When were the last time you did something that stretched your ability? When were the last time you did something that seems impossible?


Are you someone who thinks, analyzes and thinks again before coming to a decision to act? Or are you more of an action taker where making decisions is an easy chore?


I’m more of the latter. Ideas comes to me fast, I choose to act or dump it very quickly too. In fact, I acted even faster when I was younger. As I gain life experiences over the years, I tend to hold my horses nowadays, taking up more time to analyze before making a decision.


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