Since moving into adult training in 2006, I’ve conducted workshop in many areas. As a newbie in adult training, I was looking for a “stage”. I was searching for a place where I can stand. I got to specialized in one area. But since I was a newbie, I wasn’t sure which specialized area to focus.

Finally I found that place. I found that area which I would love to be involved and became very good at it. You are welcome to take a look at our corporate site, actionpreneur.com. There are more information on the site.


Team Development Program

A program that is more than team bonding or team building. Team Development Program create synergetic result in organization. This program improves communication flow, initiatives of staff and reduces conflicts between teams.

A permanent shift occurs as this program targets to shift not just the external behaviour but the internal belief system. Read more.


WOW! Your Audience

Confident presentation comes from within. Presentation techniques and skill doesn’t leaves an impact on a presentation. Confidence, power and authenticity does. A powerful presentation comes from confidence and the being-ness of the speaker. While most have the misconception of working on the techniques will help in delivering a powerful presentation, actually it’s the other way round. Working inwardly is the way to present powerfully.

WOW! Your Audience works on what is within the person rather than with-out. It gets participants to move inward and then shine outward. Read more.



Procrastination Buster Workshop

Procrastination is a poison, an insidious poison that slowly kills your magnificent dream of a beautiful life.

A beautiful life of your choice can be yours, ONLY when you take some forms of action. When you truly dealt with procrastination, you can never, and I mean never truly live the life that you desire. More details. 







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