"Kick The Sticky Habit of Procrastination
To The Moon!" 

7 Proven Strategies To Kick Procrastination And
Achieve Freedom In Life 


From: Joe Lee




Imagine if you were taking massive action all the time, how much you could have achieved in your lifetime? Would you have achieved much more than you have achieved right now?


Unfortunately taking massive action is not that easy, isn’t it?


Distractions are always round the corner to halt you. Tiredness always creeps in when you are all ready to fire. And unforeseen circumstances always occur when you are all pumped up.


Don’t you feel frustrated being attacked by distraction,
tiredness and unforeseen circumstances?

If you feel frustrated about procrastination, read on. If you don’t, or you don’t feel anything about procrastination, the rest of this page is not for you.


Habit of procrastination haunts us all the time, really all the time.


Procrastination is a poison, an insidious poison that slowly kills your magnificent dream of a beautiful life.


A beautiful life of your choice can be yours, ONLY when you take some forms of action. When you truly dealt with procrastination, you can never, and I mean never truly live the life that you desire.


Are these one of the tasks you like to complete:

  • A project that you need to complete.
  • A business that you would like to start.
  • A book that you would like to write.
  • A course that you like to study.
  • A career that you love to take up.
  • A sales call that you like to make.
  • An exercise routine that you like to include.
  • And many more things and tasks that you would like to complete.


My guess is you want to complete them very much, but you struggle! You are hit by the procrastination virus.


When you are about to write that report that is due next week, you are attacked by the sleepy bug. The little voice in your head tells you to take a short nap so that you will be more efficient after the nap. The nap turns into a sleep. By the time you are awake, you lose the mood to finish the report.


Have you been wanting to start your business for the longest time. While you like to gain financial and time freedom through you business, you can’t. Whenever you are ready to write your business plan in front of your computer, you can’t help it but swing over to Facebook to have a look on your friend’s posting.


It so happen that there are some interesting topic that you friends posted. You added a comment. How much time would one comment takes anyway? But you didn’t stop at one comment. You continue to scroll down the wall, down and down.


By the time you are done with Facebook, Your little voice tells you to rest, you can leave it till tomorrow. But you know deep down that you have been telling yourself that for the past one year. And Tomorrow is still tomorrow.


Time to do that sales call but you waited and waited. You take care of other “important” tasks first instead of making that call. In the end, you claim that you are too busy to make this call. But actually you know that this call will only take 5 minutes of your time yet you wasted 5 hours on other non-productive activities.


Do these always happen to you?


Ready to complete a task, and then putting it off to another day. Either the task would never get complete or it was produced last minute.


Distracted by TV, Facebook and computer games have always been a big issue. Many people waste 2 – 5 hours a day doing unproductive activities that don’t produce anything but waste time. Are you one of them?


Don’t you feel frustrated about not progressing in life due to procrastination?
Don’t you feel disappointed about not having a breakthrough in life?
Don’t you feel guilty about not being able to complete simple and important tasks?


Not only that.


People around you are progressing. Friends around you are moving towards financial freedom. They are achieving their dream life. But what about you? You can only see them succeeding on the sideline.


Your low level of discipline is throwing you off from the path of your desired lifestyle. You have no chance of achieving your desired lifestyle. No chance at all unless you bring discipline to your life and kick procrastination out of your life.


And yes! You can bring discipline to your life, and kick procrastination out of the window. You can do this in a systematic and proven method.


Everyone procrastinates. Everyone procrastinate on something. So I got curious about people procrastinating. Friends will say they want to lose weight but will never get down to the running track.


Friends will say they want to start a café business but will never learn about the café industry or even make an action plan.


Friends will say they need to complete the paperwork in the office but will constantly avoid looking at that pile of work.


I got curious how come people say that they like to achieve something but will not get into the pool. I want to know the reasons behind this behaviour. Only by knowing the root of the behaviour, can we change the behaviour.


Have you come across a heavy smoker wanting to quit smoking. He may attempt several times to quit, but to no avail. There is a reason driving his inability to quit.


Yet the same smoker can suddenly quit smoking once and for all. Never touch another cigarette in his life again. Again, there is a reason driving this.


This same smoker attempted to quit smoking for years but failed over and over again. Finally one day he quitted once and for all. In both scenarios, reasons play an important role.


Same as procrastination. There are reasons driving your inability
to complete your tasks.


My curiosity got me searching for an answer. For 2 years, I have been using myself as an experiment. I analyse the reasons of my procrastination. I created new strategies to deal with my procrastination each time it attacked.


Over these 2 years, I live and breathe procrastination. I concluded one thing. Procrastination are formed from internal, being expressed external. To overcome it, you first have to find out your internal reasons.


You are going to discover your reasons of procrastination. You are going to get 7 proven strategies that I tested on myself and many of my clients.


In Procrastination Buster Workshop, you are going to kick procrastination big time. You will learn:

  • To access the fundamental driving force in completing your task.
  • The root of your procrastination behaviour and how to deal with them step by step.
  • 7-Proven strategies to deal with distraction from the environment.
  • Step by step plan to complete your tasks on hand.
  • How to tap into your inner strength to take massive action.
  • To discipline yourself by choosing the right words to use.
  • 3 step by step techniques to manage your internal struggle towards procrastination.


Join us in this 6-hour Procrastination Buster Workshop

Date: 14 June 2014
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #19-14
Singapore 079903
Investment: $18 (Usual $47)

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