Team Building




We do not do team bonding or team building program. We conduct something more advance, more in-depth.


We conduct Team Development Coaching for organization like you who wants to achieve Peak Team Performance permanently.


What Is The Difference


When a team is not functioning, running some games and activities is not going to be enough. You have to go in-depth to discover the reasons of the breakdowns.


Team Development Coaching does not focus on games and activities. It focuses on the responsibility of individual of developing a team. It focuses on the emotional issues of a team. It focuses on the outcome.


The main objective is to have your team function harmoniously with its engine running at optimal performance.


Our Method

We achieve this by discovering the in-depth beliefs of individual about team, and how those beliefs contributes to a dysfunctional team.


Team Development Coaching consists of a 2-days Team Development Exercise with a follow up Team Coaching Sessions that last for 3 months. (2 hours / week)


This program is designed to achieve instantaneous transformation of the team followed by sustaining and improving the team dynamics.


Your organization will experience permanent benefits such as increased team cohesion, higher productivity and improved internal communication after our program. Ultimately, happier employees lead to fewer workdays missed, and a greater sense of drive and purpose to achieve results for the organization.


If permanent change and reducing human management issues is what you would like to achieve in your organization, contact us by email,


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