Team Building

Optimize Your Team Productivity By 47% With
Our Unique Team Building Program

THE Team Development Process That Aligns Your Team

Instead of the typical Team Building Program you know, your team will experience a unique team building event where team members will leave with a positive attitude for themselves and the organization.

If your organization is facing:

  • Breakdown in communication.
  • Your team does not function harmoniously.
  • Cliques and judgements are formed within team.
  • Your team is not performing at its optimal level.
  • Hostility surfaced within team.
  • Team members showing no interest in the progress of projects.

If your team faces any of the above, it means there is friction between team members. Resources are wasted to deal with this friction.Your organisation is not performing at its full capacity.

Unless this friction is resolved, your team will never be as cohesive as you want them to be.

We are not suitable to conduct team building program for you, if you are looking for certain kind of team building activities like:

  • Activities with high elements.
  • Outdoor adventure.
  • Only games and activities without in-depth debrief.
  • Activities that get everyone happy (hopefully forget about the friction)

Our philosophy is high elements alone builds confidence but does not bring the team closer. Doing high elements does not bring out the deeper issues of a dysfunctional team.

Doing happy activities together is not going to resolved challenging and tough team issues. Happy activities made everyone forget the hidden issues for a while, but these issues are going to surface back up when team members are back in the work environment.

Spending too much time on games and activities may allow team members to be feel good temporary, but that does not address underlying issues that a team faced.

Yes, we do use games and activities, but this is to facilitate the root cause of any challenges any team faced. Our program allocates a high percentage of time into debriefing each games or activities.

Our program focuses on more in-depth issues of a team instead of just surface issues. We go deeper to the responsibility of a team, emotional issues within the team, happiness and unhappiness between team members.

Ultimately, we want to focus on the positive outcome of the team. Team members are empowered to take responsibility for the team and themselves. This will result in the team running at its full efficiency in a harmonious way.

ACS Approach (Awareness, Change, Sustainability)

We achieve this by discovering the in-depth beliefs of individual regarding team, and how those beliefs support or not support a team.

Follow up session within 60 days after the program to reinforce the learning and to support any obstacles during the progress of team development.

Coaching sessions to the team within the 60 days after the program. Coaching to be done over phone, Skype or face-to-face.

With the follow up and coaching sessions, this ensures sustainability in the change of team members. Humans are habitual creature, it will take at least 30 days to change a habit.

Follow up and coaching sessions are to achieve the sustainable change for the individual and organization.

Our VAI Tool (Values, Alignment, Interaction)


Team Building VAI Approach

With our proprietary VAI Tool, your team gets to be closely aligned with individual’s values. Your team will form strong bond with one another based on their personal values system.

With our Team Development Program, your organization will benefit in:

  • Cohesive team that perform in synergy
  • Improved internal communication
  • High morale employees
  • Staff who will take responsibility for the outcome
  • Reduced conflicts within team members
  • Achieved acknowledgement and appreciation culture within organization.
  • Team to be totally open to one another’s view point creating a harmonious working environment

If you are serious about bringing your team to a new level, to improve their productivity by 47%,

contact us at or +6591018430.

“Over a period of time, the communication and cooperation among my staff has seen visible improvement. This we can attribute much to the training received from Mr Joe Lee.” ~ Nancy Lim, Principal, Star Learners Child Care Centre

“I can see the positive changes in everyone after his coaching. My staff is taking more initiatives, has more drives and taking up more responsibility in their work.” Kenneth Tong, Founder, Business Development, OGL Asia Pte ltd

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